Karel De Smet

I am a 23 years old student in computer science from Belgium. Learning everything there is to know about full stack development. I have a very good knowledge of javascript, node.js(expressjs), mongodb and Java.



Node.js, Mongodb, Docker

A free hosted website that uses the bricklink API. (beta) This webapplication is hosted on https://bricklink123.desmet.net/.

May 2020 - present

Invoice-administration webapplication

Node.js, Mongodb, Docker

A full-fletched accounting program. Keeping contacts, generating invoices, yearly charts, calculations for your materials, ... This webapplication is hosted on account.karel.be you can test it out. Contact me to get access.

April 2019 - present

Synology Node Sonos HTTP API Docker

Node.js, Docker

A docker wrapper for jish/node-sonos-http-api, built for the synology NAS. Easy to use, setup and launch

January 2020 - February 2020

Small rpg game

Java 11 (Graphics2D library)

A 2D inventory rpg game made in java, with a good entity system. made from scratch. Discontinued now.

April 2018 - February 2019

Space breakout game

Python 3 (Pygame)

Using the pygame library, I've succefully created a space breakout game. It's levels are random generated

May 2018 - August 2018

Segway project

Arduino UNO

Using C++ and the Arduino, I've succefully created a segway-like robot. It can only hold its balance using its 2 wheels attached to the servo-motors and the gyroscope.

December 2015 - July 2016



Bachelor of informatics

Don Bosco Haacht

Electronics and electrician degree


Programming Languages & Tools

These tools/languages are very familiar to me. I know my way around them.



Since I was young, I was intrigued by automatisation in the software world. I started learning software skills by the time I was 16. Most of the skills I've learned came from learning it myself. Now I'm 22 years old, I completed some project that I wanted to do. Thanks to all the different projects, I know my dislikes and likes in the programming world. My interests are: Back-end/server side programming. Object Oriented Programming. (polymorphism, entity system, ...) My dislikes are: Graphics (Unity/Unreal enginge) CSS (less/sass)